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Running any kind of enterprise can be a lonely business; likewise trying to find an advisory team that not only has real world experience of the property sector but has everything from accountancy to tax consultancy to business planning, through to succession planning and financial services in the one offering, is rare indeed.

Harder still is sourcing the right trusted adviser who isn’t afraid to tell things as they are and won’t simply be an echo chamber, playing back your own ideas whilst charging you for the privilege.

This is where Tony and Brand Entrepreneur excel. We can help landlords, investors and developers with the following services:

Support for brand new and experienced property investors alike, ensuring that you have the right tax, legal and company structure set-up right from the outset.

All-encompassing tax, finance and estate-planning strategies from business set-up, right through to retirement and beyond.

Setting up your property business in the correct legal structure by helping you to decide if you should you buy property in your own name, via a mixed partnership or through a limited company.

Deciding when is the right time to expand your current property portfolio and ensuring you have the best overall business structure in place before you do.

Support and guidance on S24 and how this may impact on your current portfolio and future growth plans.

Fast support and advice on any new property tax laws as they come into effect.

“Tony and I have worked together on only one project. But from my interaction with him, I can describe him as an astute Tax professional. His wealth of knowledge and experience comes handy in knotty suitations. His preparations and diligence sets him apart from many professionals out there. I look forward to further collaboration with him in future.”

Benjamin Obidegwu

Managing Partner at Hermon