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Phone: 07974 099221

Brand Entrepreneur helps to provide the co-ordinated strategic overview that all professional property investors need for growth

We help bring your tax, finance, accountancy and succession planning goals into alignment, thus helping you build an effective, rewarding, professional property business for your future.

iHowz Landlord Association

The Professional Association for Landlords since 1974. Everything a landlord will need all under one roof.


Take control of your property portfolio with Lendlord. the software that allows you to manage, track and optimise your property investments.

Vantage Finance

An expert master broker for the property sector. No challenge is too complex for their expert team.

Amy Varle, Social Housing Expert

Amy Varle is very well known wihtin the City of Manchester and beyond, as one of the most commimitted and influential characters in the social housing sector.

Corbil Estates & Planning Ltd

Town planning consultancy that provides a range of related services to those with an active interest in the built environment.

The Bailey Group

Multi award-winning accountacy frim, providing expert services across property tax and estate planning, and accountancy.

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Introducing Tony Gimple

You may have already heard Tony Gimple share his 45 years of property tax and estate planning expertise at a national (or international) event, or read some of his commentary in The Telegraph, The Times, or other leading property and business press. Tony is widely recognised and respected in the property industry as a leading market commentator and consultant in his field.

His specialist knowledge across property tax, business structure, finance, and succession planning, places him in a unique position to provide strategic consultation to landlords and property investors who wish to get the right business set up for their property investment activity, both for tax purposes now, and succession planning in the future.

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You can watch hours of free education and insight into property tax, estate planning, property finance and property investment strategy, on Brand Entrepreneur’s YouTube Channel here. Tony Gimple is an accomplished, much sought-after commentator in the property tax and estate planning space, and brings his straight-talking expertise to his YouTube Channel, giving free, property market insights to property investors and landlords of all levels.